Can it be done?

(By Michael Kneebone for IBA Premier News, May 18, 2017)

The IBA has a rich heritage trying to answer the question, “can it be done?”  In our corner of the world, that means the long-distance ride.  Sometimes that means exotic ride to hard to reach places, but for an entire culture, pushing the limits of the man-machine combination is THE challenge to conquer.  Currently, the Aussies are pushing the displacement limits, riding tiny 90cc Postal delivery motorcycles cross-country, while the Fins and Swedes are pushing the age boundaries.  For example, did you know that the current motorcycle age record for a 1,000 mile day is held by Jari Vourela on a 1931 Royal Enfield ridden in June of 2009.

May 20th is the 90th anniversary of the first solo trans-Atlantic flight, a record set be Charles Lindbergh.  To celebrate that historic flight and to push the IBA boundaries a bit more, IBA Swedens’ Magnus Fransson (we all simply know him as Magnus), will attempt a 1,000 mile day on a 1926 David Senning 750cc.  A motorcycle designed by a veterinarian so he could better reach his patients, a pioneer who after wearing out many motorcycles, finally said, “Hey, I can do that. I can build a better bike myself”  and so he did.

Magnus had been following this particular motorcycle for nearly 40 years before he was able to finally convince the current owner for a long-term loan for this insane ride.  This is a serious attempt, Magnus has spent the last year getting the bike ready.

There is a great page devoted to both Jari’s 1931 Royal Enfield and Magnus’ attempt this weekend.  They will be posting a SPOTWALLA link before the ride takes off.  The photos alone are work a visit, to try to imagine how Jari pulled off his ride and how Magnus will be attempting his. Please visit:

it is worth the time.

Magnus, we wish you the very best of luck!

Michael Kneebone