Tips for speeding (RAPID TRAINING SCHOOL UK)

I recently had a close encounter with the “men in blue” and got a quite expensive fine for excessive speed: it may happen and one should take it with a stoic attitude, learning without complaining. Still I felt very depressed considering myself a real stupid: you see, I was caught in speed radar 6 miles from home in a stretch were all locals know police wait in ambush. I went back home and looking at the archive of wisdom of OMM I found this interesting set of advises for dealing with speed limits written by the English Rapid Training School: as we said, one thing is to know, another is to behave and to apply.

  1. Don’t speed in town. This is where 90% of speed enforcement is conducted. Most accidents (although not most bike accidents) occur in 50 kph speed limits, therefore resources are targeted at the problem area. Cameras and the man with the hair dryer are all to be found in these areas. If you find it difficult to quell your urges, remember going too fast in town won’t allow people see how cool you look. Do slow down so they can take in your stylish use of florescent green and yellow!
  1. Don’t be the fastest vehicle on the road. Whilst being overtaken is a concept most motorcyclists will never quite get their heads round, having someone flush out the police from the road ahead can be very satisfying. Especially useful on long Motorway journeys – let the Rep revving the nuts of his Mondeo slide past you… it is just plain decent of him to collect fines on your behalf.
  1. Never exceed three figures on the Motorway. For some obscure reason the powers that be think this is dangerous and you are likely to lose you license. There is no pleasure in speed in a straight line so get off the Motorway and find a more challenging route.
  1. Use speed sensibly. You are more likely to get away with a bollocking, if you didn’t also take 500 meters of solid white line and force an oncoming car into the ditch.
  1. When you are stopped for speeding, be humble! Grovel as best as you can, be amazed by his prowess is catching you, remember you are playing a game where the copper holds the entire deck. There is little point getting stroppy or asking if he knows his parents.
  1. Of course the best advice is don’t speed! And we all stick to that, don’t we?